FXPRIMUS Testimonials: What Do People Say about Them?

testimonyThere is a vast difference between a good forex broker and a bad one. It can mean making large profit or losing money as well as losing peace of mind. A good forex broker will always aim to provide the best benefits and services to their traders.

For the Malaysian public, a comprehensive study must be done before attempting to sign-up with any forex brokers. Make sure to get feedback from other traders before making your final conclusion.

What Do People Say About FXPRIMUS?

Based on my observation, mostly kind words. This is from feedback obtained got from my fellow traders in Malaysia and also from comments on the Internet. I must give credit to Forex Peace Army for providing an excellent platform for forex traders to submit their opinions, recommendations and complaints about any forex-related products and services. The forex industry is infested with sharks. Therefore, it’s best that you be wary and careful while looking for a forex broker to trade.

Here’s the latest overall rating that Forex Peace Army gave to FXPRIMUS:

ratingnewOk, not bad if you consider the overwhelming number of scams in the forex industry. Now, check out what others say about FXPRIMUS. I have obtained the list of testimonials from Forex Peace Army, considered as the most respectable forex review site online.

xyzflash, Manila, Philippines

Date of Post: 2013-05-13
Review: You only need a minimum deposit of $100 to open a live trading account with them. Definitely novices friendly broker and also for the experienced ones. I read some negative reviews below but I have to say that traders have to be responsible of their own trades and must know clearly the broker’s rules and regulations (just saying). Having tried their products services, I can’t say that I have any complaints against them. Hard to find a better broker around actually.

Murali, Puducherry, India

Date of Post: 2013-05-09
Review: I have been trading with FXPRIMUS from 2011 June onwards. They are very well know for their excellent, well informed customer service agents. But at times, I too found the freezing of my ECN MT4 Platform. It will will not resume even for 5-8 minutes and this was very occasionally only. Except this they provide very fast execution, 100% ZERO re-quotes, no market maker, no stop-loss hunting. The deposits and withdrawals are very fast, within just 1 business day. Their 100% bonus credit promotion is very popular and it lasts till 31st Dec 2013. If they still improve their connectivity issues, which occur at times, they will be a prominent, customer friendly, trusted broker, for sure.

FXprimus, Land of Smiles, Thailand

Date of Post: 2013-04-10
Review: GREAT Customer SERVICE and SUPPORT.
Recently, I have troubled funding for the account, it was my first time making online transaction. Despite my incredibly fuzzy understanding and many (I mean a lot of questionings), the Live Chat Staff remains patient to answer them. Later, the manager/or staff from the currency department, came on LIVE chat to provide a solution for my challenges. All-in-all, it took them 1.5 hours… and they are still there for me.Good work! Keep it up! More I will recommend my Thai friends to use FXP for their superb service! : )

Ragtaoui issam, Rabat, Morocco

Date of Post: 2013-03-20
Review: I use FxPrimus for 9 months .And all I can tell you that He is one of the good brokers which I use actually ;because they have a good support and you can trade forex indexes equities with a good spread . But there is some difficulty for me and for Moroccans people to funding and withdrawal money in EUR , this is why I wish that FxPrimus will add Neteller
Thank you .

David M, Quebec, Canada

Date of Post: 2013-02-10
Review: I find it quite hard to believe that there are negative reviews about FXPrimus. I have always been treated great and have had no problems ever getting any money from them.Although they may not be the best broker in terms of spread and execution (which can be debated) they are certainly a strong contender when it comes to customer service.Keep it up,

Cheng, , Malaysia

Date of Post: 2012-12-20
Review: This broker provides the best approach to traders and opens up good relations. I like their readiness to solve problems when I approach them. Also they provides fund safety features in which I know my account is secured.However it will be even better if FXPRIMUS can provide 24/7 support instead of just 5 days in the near future.

Karl, Selangor, Malaysia

Date of Post: 2012-12-11
Review: Using Fxprimus ECN account, Fxprimus has been fast in executing trades. Fund withdrawal is in general fast. Customer service is excellent.Fxprimus has proven themselves to be good listeners and rectify problems as best possible. Sure, Fxprimus is not the perfect broker. But given the scams that are out there, you can trust Fxprimus to be fair to you.

Phatroyale, KL, Malaysia

Date of Post: 2012-06-28
Review: I’ve been trading with FXPrimus for nearly half a year now. Introduced by a friend. Apparently FXPrimus is pretty popular in my country.Transaction was smooth during my registration. Customer service is excellent. Love their Live Chat. And I must say they have the best social media team, constantly updating their Facebook and Twitter pages. So I’m pretty confident trading with FXPrimus.With their educational approach (love their daily market report!) and their SMS trade alert I hope to cut short my learning curve and start earning consistently.Thanks FXPrimus!

Glen, , Singapore

Date of Post: 2012-04-26
Review: To be honest, i’m very please with this FXPrimus. I actually switched from ‘Some’ broker to this broker because of the less ‘Requotes’ and execution problems + much safer/trustworthy ( which i don’t wanna elaborate ). Other than which based on what i traded which is Solely FX, i find everything in order.Online live chat 24hrs staffs encounters were nice and polite/helpful. Trade executions were fast, not much requotes as compared to ‘Some’ broker which issues alot of ‘requotes’ especially where trades were making profits while trying to close them. Best of all their connection latency is almost perfect but i don’t know why i don’t get much from FXPrimus (which is of lower latency) whenever i want to close my profitable trades.On the other hand, other than that connectivity bar which loses out in latency compared to the ‘Some’ broker based in UK, i don’t see anything which pulls FXPrimus down.Im rating a 4 stars for this broker. 1 star reserving back in hope to see some nice latency in terms of the server connectivity thou there’s no ‘disconnections’ till date, im kinda particular about this thou hah. Also its reserved till i get my prepaid debit card pertaining to withdrawals. other than which, thumbs up.Regards

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FXPRIMUS Wins Two New Awards From Global Banking and Finance Review

For those who don’t know it yet, FXPRIMUS has WON (yet again!!).. This time around, they won two awards from the prestigious Global Banking and Finance Review. Here’s the link to see the full list of recipients who also won. 

Check out the snapshot below from the Global Banking and Finance Review site:

fxprimus-awardSo, FXPRIMUS won Best Trade Execution Asia 2013 and Best STP Broker Asia 2013. Not bad at all! Keep up the good work FXPRIMUS. I am glad to be a part of this family as a trader and as an Introducing Broker (IB).

You can check out the full details right here. If you are interested to open a LIVE or PRACTICE account with FXPRIMUS, I suggest that you click right here.


4 Major Ideas to Build Wealth

wealth_VillaThis article is for those who are struggling to make ends meet, those who have very little or even ZERO money in their savings account, those who are searching for a better life.

Yes, a better life. Becoming wealthy will dramatically improve your life. You will have a bigger house, a better car, more time freedom, have the ability to spend at fancy restaurants, buy new clothes, travel, yes travel to exotic places, help the poor and needy, provide for your family, help your poor brothers and sisters, retire comfortably never needing to think about how to find more money to survive next month and the month after.

What a life!

Becoming wealthy is a noble goal. We should all strive to become wealthy.

So, how to actually change from being poor to become wealthy (a millionaire) in the shortest time period? I am going to share a couple of ideas and principles that I hope will benefit you.

1. Use Leverage.

Leverage is a very POWERFUL concept. Almost all the rich and successful people in the world has applied this principle to achieve the life of their dreams. Leverage is similar to borrowing. You borrow when you yourself don’t have or lack. You borrow money if you lack money to start a business, you borrow reputation and authority in the market when your business is not yet established and well-known, you borrow money from your forex broker to enter the market so that you can get higher profits, you borrow people’s energy, time, when you don’t have enough time yourself by paying them to do a service.

Smart people leverage – You should too.

2. Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.

This is a concept I got from Dan Kennedy and couple of other “rich” motivators. The poor will follow what everyone else is doing. For example, the poor are easily influenced by get-rich-quick schemes promoted through the internet. They pour money without doing in-depth research on the company. They are easily conned into joining ponzi schemes that promises high returns at a very short period of time, and they believe in earning money without doing any work.

The rich do things very differently. They see things in terms of present bank and future bank. For example, real estate used to be a lucrative field to be in. It still is. However, due to it’s popularity as an investment tool, a lot of people have joined the bandwagon, pushing prices higher.

Now, since everyone is doing, talking about real estate, what should you do then? Yes, DO THE OPPOSITE. The price of a piece of land or property is obscenely high. Common folks like you and me won’t be able to buy property without taking a bank loan. But what if I don’t want to take a loan? What if instead I buy property using cash?

Buying things in cash..hmmm.. That’s a new way of thinking. That’s also exactly how wealthy people think. It’s the exact opposite of the prevailing mindset out there.

3. Think Long-Term.

How will the work that you do today, the relationships that you make, the goals that you pursue, the action plans that you implement affect your bank account in the next 1 to 2 years from now? Yes, seriously wealthy people think in the long run. Yes, you can make a lot of money in the short-term by doing illegal activities such as scamming people or selling drugs but riches gained via illegal means won’t sustain you in the long-term. I am interested in wealth, long-term wealth. Wealth that can provide for my family for a life-time. That requires long-term thinking.

4. Focus on building HIGH VALUE PROFITABLE skills

Let’s face it, some skills are worth more than others. Mowing the lawn is a skill that can clean your back yard. But it won’t pay you much. Forex on the other hand is a skill that is difficult to master but once you master it, the payoff can be very rewarding. Even if you are poor and penniless, if you have high value skills, you can quickly turn your sorry state into a much rewarding and satisfying life.

Here are some high value skills that are worth mastering:

– Marketing, Copywriting, Forex, Salesmanship, Flying a Helicopter, SEO, Business Development, Multi-Channel Multi-Strategy Marketing, Traffic Generation..

You won’t go wrong with these skills. Trust me. Notice that I also mentioned about Forex as being a valuable skill? Yes, it is but only for those who are willing to go the distance to become a pro; by learning price action forex trading. Not EA-based or use any indicator. Those don’t work at all.


I hope you can get something out of the ideas presented in this article. I want to encourage you to take action in life because only action can produce immense wealth.

By the way, I would like to invite you to become a forex trader with FXPRIMUS. I am also trading with them and I recommend them highly. If you decide to join them, I can help you to get the 100% trading credit BONUS with a minimum deposit of USD 500. Click here to open an account


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